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Dark Helix Press is an Indie publisher established in 2014. We are based in one of the most diverse cities in the world – Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our interest lies in risky, innovative, culturally diverse fiction for adults considered too edgy for other publishers and raw, truthful non-fiction told in no-nonsense styles. We also produce children and YA books in hopes that newer generations will gain confidence and be proud of their multilingual heritages.

Our mission is to increase awareness of diversity issues and to break down cultural stereotypes through inclusive storytelling. In this global world, people are different, yet we are also the same. There is one human race and we should share our stories without fear. Eventually we hope the day will come in which there is no need for the label “multicultural fiction” as it will be a norm.

If you are a reader looking for a new perspective into our world and beyond, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the dark side  er, family!

Upcoming Releases in 2021

This Former President: Science Fiction As Retrospective Retrorocket Jettisons Trumpism by Marleen S. Barr




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Press Releases

April 20/21 A Belief Worth Sharing – New Anthology Features Joy Kogawa, Jim Wong-Chu and over 20 Asian Writers

March 18/21 New podcast The Artsy Raven shares the joy of books, writing and publishing to the world

June 29/19 Seniors Citizens Receive Government Notices of Their Expiry Dates in Futuristic Canada Book

May 24/18 Dark Helix Speculative Fiction Free Ezine Launch

December 22/17 All I Want For Christmas is More Fake Trump News?!

May 16/17 Trump’s Wall Was Created to Keep Out Zombies and He is a Wizard According to Dark Helix Press’ Latest Anthology

March 6/17 Robot Beavers and Poutine Currency, Seeking Futuristic Canada 150 Stories!

June 20/16 Feeding The Kraken or Child Monster!

Oct 29/13 Author JF Garrard Told Multiculturalism is Dead


Liquid Lunch – Trump: Utopia or Dystopia: J.F. Garrard & Jen Frankel

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