The Dark Helix Ezine is a speculative fiction magazine designed to showcase new authors from around the planet. Each issue will feature an opinion piece from an editor and feature five writers who will share new stories as well as a behind the scene interview to give readers some insight behind words.

To access the ezines, please click on the magazine covers/links below and submit your email address. The ezine master list is the same for all issues, even after entering your email address multiple times, you will only receive one update when we send out messages.

Yea! It’s May and we finished the ezine in time to launch at Anime North 2018!

Issue #1, May 2018, Theme: The Dark Helix


Don’t Fear the Editor by Ira Nayman
The Four Houses by Melissa R. Mendelson
Splice of Life by DJ Tyrer
Those From The Time Before by Jared Bennett
We Are Aliens & Bio Hackers by Mathias Jansson
My Girl by JF Garrard

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Issue #2, September 2018, Theme: Strong Women (in progress)