Services & Merchandise

“Dear Abby” Consulting Services

We want to help writers become better writers! This is a limited time service from April 2018-2019.

Starting at $5, we have set up shop on Fiverr to offer advice and resources over the phone.

We feel that googling has its limits and talking to a real person is a valuable service we can provide.

These services are for people interested in improving their craft and taking things to the next level by initiating a conversation to learn more about the business.

If we are faced with a difficult question we feel we cannot answer, we will consult professionals in the industry to ensure a great answer is provided.

Services offered includes:

1) Ask us anything about publishing or writing
2) Audit/critique on a piece of writing 
3) Audit/critique on a book cover

We will be offering these services in between downtime of creating books, magazines, design work and speaking engagements.

NOTE – we are on hiatus on Fiverr due to time constraints. Please email directly if you have any questions, reach us via darkhelixpress at


For physical goods, we have chosen to partner up with Threadless for logistics and creation of items based on our quirky designs.

Designs below are available in apparel, home decor and other merchandise formats. Click on each design for more details and check out our storefront!