Dark Helix Ezine

Dark Helix Press began publishing an ezine starting May 2018 for the purpose of helping authors market themselves. Think of it as a Costco magazine sampler with words instead of food! 

This ezine will be released three times per year, in Spring, Summer and Fall. Each issue will feature 1 editorial piece by an editor and 5 writers. As submissions are received and accepted, we will keep updating this page.

What we are looking for: flash fiction (<2000 words), editorial pieces (<2000 words) and poetry (<100 lines) according to each issue’s theme. In addition, each author will be asked for a description of what inspired the piece (more info below) to share with readers. Editorial piece can be about writing or publishing, mention of the theme is not necessary.

Reminder – we are not looking for erotica or extremely violent stories. We are interested in creative stories with a twist as our editors are writers and they like to be surprised.

Call For Submissions for Upcoming Issues

We will be doing rolling submissions, check often for change in issue status.                                                                    

Issue #4 – Summer 2019 publication (IN PROGRESS)

  • Theme – Office Cubicle Farm, stories start at a cubicle or office job and can end up anywhere!

Issue #5 – Fall 2019 publication (Open until filled, Aug 31, 2019 deadline)

  • Theme – “Historical Fiction”, any stories with history theme/mentions. 
  • Seeking: 1 Editorial piece (filled), 3 pieces of writing (2 pieces received, looking for 3 more pieces)

NOTE – After Issue 5, Dark Helix Ezine will be on hiatus as we focus on other projects

Author Information

Submission details:

  • cover page should have name, address, email, word count
  • format should be 12 font, times new roman, single space
  • send as a word .doc/.docx file to darkhelixpress at gmail.com with subject line “Ezine Issue X – name of story”

This is a marketing platform for writers and Dark Helix Press will not be offering compensation. Our value proposition for each author:

  • author will work with an editor
  • an author Q & A promo page asking you the following: a. what inspired the written story (behind the scenes/words), b. blurb on latest project and c. advice for new writers (give us 250 words for a-c). Also include a short 70 word bio which we will attach to your work.
  • social media marketing – we will tweet and post on Facebook an excerpt from your story. If you have a twitter account we will tag you.
  • you may add the ezine as another line on your writer’s resume!

Ad Placement Information

Rates – $10 USD for half a page (8.5″ x 5.5″), $25 USD for full page (8.5″ x 41″), $25 USD for custom ad work and final jpeg file for future use. Any ad revenue will go towards marketing, printing and distribution at trade shows/conferences.

Sample ad design

Email darkhelixpress at gmail.com for more information.