Futuristic Canada


DEADLINE: Dec 20, 2017, midnight EST (give us some Xmas presents!)

Editor’s Notes on Submissions so farApril 2017, Oct 27/17 (we need more submissions)

This anthology is a 150 Alliance project, created to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017!

Dark Helix Press is wondering – where will Canada be in  the future?

Will the next 100 years be peaceful with lots of technological advances or will Canada become a colony on a spaceship after Earth blows up? Robot beavers, poutine currency, there’s no limit to what can happen!

Canada in the future must be a well defined landscape in the stories submitted, so it’s essential that the world built by the author resonates well with the readers. Bonus points for those who can sneak in Canadian cultural references and diverse characters is a must.

We are aiming to release this book before July 1, 2017. If there are not enough submissions, we will keep submission period open until at least 10-20 entries are selected.

Submission Details

We are looking for poems, flash fiction and short stories. Ratio of each will depend upon quality of submissions received.

Since this is a project celebrating Canada, preference will be given to Canadian writers. However, if you are an international writer who sends in a fantastic story and understands our country, we are open to this as possibility as well.

For guidelines, compensation and formatting details, visit our submissions page.

Submitting is a two step process:

1) Fill in and submit this Google form to ensure your name is listed in our database for review
2) Email in your submission to  “darkhelixpress at gmail.com” with subject headline: “Canada- (author name) – (title)”

Any questions can be sent to “darkhelixpress at gmail.com”.