Trump Utopia or Dystopia Anthology


DEADLINE: July 30, 2017, midnight EST

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Editor’s Notes on Submissions so farApril 1, April 14, May 15, June 2

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, and the 45th President of the United States. His Twitter account has been making news on a daily basis since his election. With a deadline of June 2017 for submissions for this anthology, no one is certain if he will be still President by then, but we will assume that he will be for this book.

This anthology is an attempt to collect stories from both the pro and anti Trump sides. What type of utopia do Trump supporters envision for the world? What type of dystopia do anti-Trump supporters fear?

Trump does not have to be the main character of the story, but it must be mentioned that he is the President. We want this collection to be diverse, with stories containing characters from all walks of life.

In speculative fiction, anything goes. Maybe he’ll release a virus and zombies will dominate the landscape or perhaps he becomes the first person on Mars! Make the story fantastic, funny and interesting! Alternatively, a depressing, insightful story that can hold its own will be fine.

There are two sides to every coin and this book will be a time capsule, capturing the visions and nightmares that people are feeling at the moment. If there are more stories for one side versus the other, the book become either “Trump Dystopia” or “Trump Utopia”! We shall see.

Submission Details

We are looking for poems, flash fiction and short stories. Ratio of each will depend upon quality of submissions received.

For guidelines, compensation and formatting details, visit our submissions page.

Submitting is a two step process:

1) Fill in and submit this Google form to ensure your name is listed in our database for review
2) Email in your submission to  “darkhelixpress at” with subject headline: “Trump UD – (author name) – (title)”

Any questions can be sent to “darkhelixpress at”.

Committed Writers So Far…

We have been signing contracts and selecting stories although the submission deadline is not closed yet. Each story goes through multiple rounds of editing and in keeping with a book release schedule for November 2017 we wanted to start with pieces that we found irresistible and had to commit to publishing. Although we aim for 20 stories, we hope to select 25-30 and if more quality pieces come in, we could add more. We are not a large publishing house, there is no large bureaucracy to report to about these decisions!

The Great Great Plan by Mathias Jansson, Sweden

A Brief Detour to Oz by Chris McGrane, Australia

Love in the Time of Trumpites by Wondra Vanian, USA/UK

Trump Vs The Zombies by E. Reyes, USA

The President’s Man by Shaun Avery, UK

The Business of Being King by Bryan Grafton, USA

Notifications by Brian J. Smith, USA

Duty by Maggie DeMay, USA

Truth, From The Heart by Gustavo Bondoni, Argentina