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E-book Sampler 1.0

This e-book sampler features excerpts from various Dark Helix Press titles!

#Trumptopia by Koom Kankesan
Here Comes Santa Claus by Andrew Jensen
The House of Hagfish by Derwin Mak
Java Mausoleum by Vincent Ternida
The Undead Sorceress by JF Garrard

Feeding the Kraken! Recipes for Big and Small Children

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My Girl by JF Garrard

A horror story about a desperate mom turning to ancient Chinese black arts for help

Laura has everything – a great husband, enormous house, designer goods and a baby on the way. When a doctor’s diagnosis destroys what she has, her mother tells her to visit a Chinese witch for a solution. Is she willing to sacrifice another baby to save her own baby?

Warning: Story contains violent imagery.

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Issue #1, May 2018, Theme: The Dark Helix

For this issue, authors were asked to write stories inspired by DNA with a touch of darkness! Stories range from mutations in DNA to AI controlling the fate of humanity. The Q &A after each story gives a glimpse of how or why the story was written. Please enjoy!

Don’t Fear the Editor by Ira Nayman
The Four Houses by Melissa R. Mendelson
Splice of Life by DJ Tyrer
Those From The Time Before by Jared Bennett
We Are Aliens & Bio Hackers by Mathias Jansson
My Girl by JF Garrard

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Issue #2, October 2018, Theme: Strong Women

An issue featuring strong female protagonists, we have an awesome interview with a real life feminist science fiction scholar, a story about the temporariness of the world, an amazing poem about a legendary woman and two stories within apocalyptic worlds in which women are pushed to their limits.

An Interview with a Feminist Science Fiction Scholar, Dr. Marleen S. Barr by JF Garrard
Give and Take by Dyane Forde
Yara by Livia Finucci
The Fires of Atonement by Maggie DeMay
Blood of My Blood by Chris McGrane

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Issue #3, Spring 2019, Theme: New Year


A new year means resolutions to many, especially writers who want to finish many projects! This issues features stories with characters encountering new beginnings and fighting words to help authors continue on their brave journeys!

Fear Not the Dragons by Jennifer Chen
Zarah’s Bane by Jen Frankel
Yes, They Dream of Electric Sheep by Lily Chang
Her Last Walk by Paul Williams
All Of Us by Kathy Pham
Factory by Janika Oza

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Issue #4, Fall 2019, Theme: The Office


For this issue, storytellers tell us tales which originate from the office and takes us in many directions. Professional Editor Jennifer D. Foster’s editorial, Creative Cures for Writer’s Block (Part 1) contains a wealth of information and interviews with seasoned authors on the topic of writer’s’block!

Creative Cures for Writer’s Block (Part 1) by Jennifer D. Foster
On-Call by Chloe Gilholy
Introducing Riley by Stephanie Schwartz
A Pack of Gum by Patrick Hackeling
Just Another Meeting by Mark Towse

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