International House of Vampires

The Undead Sorceress, Volume 1 of The International House of Vampires

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Publication Date: (April 3, 2014)

ISBN: 978-0-9917425-3-0 (Amazon Kindle), ASIN: B00JGU7LI4 (Amazon Kindle)


Publication Date: (April 24, 2014)

ISBN: 978-0-9917425-2-3 (Paperback)


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Ever since Tamara became a vampire, things have gone downhill. Her grandmother runs off with her daughter’s soul and her husband thinks she is going crazy. Caught in the middle of a war between vampires, sorceresses and warlocks, she discovers an alternative history to the world she thought she knew.

Meanwhile, strange jiangshi corpse zombies and other supernatural creatures start attacking civilians across the globe. Magic appears to be making a comeback, threatening the modern civilization which the vampires have built throughout the ages. The timeless battle between good & evil seems to be beginning once again.

As Tamara gathers her courage to hunt down her grandmother, she isn’t sure if she can sacrifice one family member over another. Is it so wrong for grandmother to want to live forever?

This fantasy adventure is a bittersweet tale about dealing with devastating choices, filial responsibilities, betrayal, redemption and finding the strength to carry on when it seems like there is no future.

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This book was a successful crowd funded Kickstarter project. A special shout out to the number one backer of this project, “Evil”! The Good Karma list of generous donors includes: Patricia Fong, Eddie Fong, Oscar Fong, Clara Fong, Stephen Eng, David Garrard, Nancy Garrard, Tim Garrard, Michael Garrard, Kate McNaughton, Tamara Arenovich, Kayte Waters, Aaron Young, Motivated Motion, Anne E Heffernan, KW Shum, Nikki Bennett, Esther Small, James Shum, Stella Yang, John Connolly, Redmond Fong, Steve Butler, Petr Bakus, Gaya Tharma, Kit Chiu, Premek Bakowski, Mawahib Semeralul, Chi-Ho Cheung, Matt Neale, James L Darroch, Alex Chirila, Alec Stevenson, John B. McCarthy, David DiMillo, Irina K., Katharine Ho, James Reinhorn, June Cunningham, Chris R., Greg Staios, Joel Larose, Meg White, Grace Ma, Catherine Leong, Regina Simon, Alexandra Ling, Ian S, Natalie Kotikova, DJ Dee, Angela S. J. Tung, GL, L Shen, Eva Chen, Paul Reinerfelt, Katherine Rentschler, Min Wong, Sammuel Bowden, Linda & Priscilla Ng, Sandhya Patel, Lisa Johnston, Abby Williams, Jinoos Sotodeh, Anne Marie Huurre, Anirudh Vij, Jag Grewal, Nathan Seabolt, Peter Chiykowski, Derek Freeman, Luanne Ye Ran Zhu, Karl Schmidt and Odin’s Song Productions.

About The Author

JF Garrard got into writing through reading comic books and watching movies as an escape from her mundane childhood in Toronto, Canada.  Writing has always been something she wanted to do although she was almost tossed out of her Catholic all girls high school writing club for writing dark and weird stories.  She decided to write a novel after finding out that a friend self-published a book, so she challenged herself to do the same.  She is a germaphobe with a Nuclear Medicine background and holds a MBA in Strategy/Marketing.  She volunteers annually at different Sci-Fi/Japanese Animation conventions for fun. Find her at, on Twitter @JFGarrard, Linked In, About Me and Facebook.