Feeding The Kraken

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The Kraken is a legendary giant sea monster. For parents, the Kraken is the hungry child which demands to be fed immediately or else the world will end!

This book is for the frustrated mother and father who is trying their best but doesn’t have the energy to think of new, innovative things to feed their children! A crowd sourced mind is supposed to work better than one so this book was a Kickstarter campaign in which we gathered not only recipes, but also advice for parents.

With over 50 children recipes for  breakfast, lunch/dinner and extraordinary circumstances (when things are not going so well), there are lots of yummy options to choose from!

The resulting Kickstarter book has too many graphic elements and conversion to an e-book would mean losing most of the artwork. For readers interested in an original e-copy of the book with intact artwork, we are offering it for $3.99USD. Table of contents and sample recipes are below.

Click below on the “buy now” button via paypal for access to the download page. If the button isn’t working, please send payment through your paypal account to hello at darkhelixpress.com and we’ll email you a copy of the book directly.

Table of contents and sample recipe pages (click for bigger picture):